Introducing plans

It’s been a year and a half since Motion was released. It was just a simple MVP. Now, it is a very functional product, which grows every month in features and daily active users. More than 110,000 people installed it.

Motion reached its free limits. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to have more powerful servers for stable export your gif and mp4. It’s time to add more features.


We introduce 3 plans on start. Every plan is for 1 Figma user.

Starter plan is the default one. It will be applied for all users. We wanted to make it useful for beginners.

If you use Motion sometimes, you can select Freelancer plan. It has fewer limits comparing to Starter plan, more abilities to add animations and to export them.

Professional plan is good for users who need all the features plugin can give you.

We launch plans on June 1. The final pricing may vary.

Important! Prices may depend on country. Try to upgrade your plan in Motion to see actual prices for your country.

Have an idea or found a bug?

If you know how to improve the plugin, then email us.

If you found a bug, then email us.

You can find our email in plugin (main menu / Help / Report a bug or Home page / Report a bug) or on the plugin page (under the Details section).

If you write a comment on the plugin page, I will ask you to email us anytime. It’s not comfortable to discuss bugs and ideas there.

When you write us about a bug, attach your file local copy if you can do it, please.


We are preparing to the new important step in Motion plugin life. Feel free to write us. Keep in touch.



Plugin page:

Thanks, Team Motion



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